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Less Now, a LESS CSS compiler

Less Now?

Less Now is an application for webmasters, like LESS.app but for Linux, Windows and any OS with a Java Virtual Machine. Less Now compiles LESS CSS files directly on the Web developer's computer. Then the resulting CSS files are included on the Web site, and therefore the site works without preprocessor. The compiler executes the official less.js.

Less Now is a fork of Lé-css from Lukas Dietrich. I decided to rename the project because the name "Lé-css" will be hard to find on search engines.


Download Less Now 0.4.

Or fork the project on GitHub.

Getting started

NB. A JVM must be installed.

1. Make a new Json file "lessnow-config.json":

	"gui-config": {
		"height": 700,
		"width": 350,
		"location-x": "left",
		"location-y": "bottom"
	"project-defaults": {
		"charset": "UTF-8",
		"minify": true,
		"recursive": false,
		"scan-delay-dir-s": 10,
		"scan-delay-files-s": 3,
		"show-updated-files": "1d",
		"auto-add-dir-as-projects": false,
		"auto-add-dir-regexp": ".*mydir.*",
		"auto-add-dir-name-count": 2
	"projects": {
		"p1": {
			"path": "/path/to/project1/"
		"p2": {
			"path": "/path/to/project2/dir-with-less/",
			"minify": false

2. Start Less Now:

$ java -jar lessnow-0.4.jar -conf lessnow-config.json


The code of Less Now is under the license Creative Commons CC-BY. It uses the components lesscss-java, Apache Commons IO, Apache Commons Lang, Apache Commons Logging, Rhino: JavaScript for Java, filedrop, json-simple.

Contact me

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